D70 Commander

D70 Commander provides a graphical interface to operate the Sony EVI-D70/P camera over a serial VISCA link for webcasting or other uses.  Other VISCA cameras are supported to the extent that they use the same commands as the Sony EVI-D70/P.

Multiple daisy-chained cameras are supported.  Both RS-232 and RS-422 are supported.


  1. Click Download, click on the setup file, click on More info, click Run anyway, then click Yes to approve the installation. (That window might be minimized – look for flashing item at the bottom of your screen.)
  2. The application will be installed using the Windows Installer which means the application can be uninstalled like any other application.
  3. VISCA Camera Ports technical details for wiring connectors.
  4. How to connect your computer to your camera.