Computer Workshop, Inc.

We have been doing computer repair, both hardware and software, since 1989.  We can also service other technical equipment if tech support is provided.  We also build computers to your specifications.

Since we are not a storefront, our stock of parts is limited.  We have cables and some other parts in stock, but unique parts must be ordered.  We pass the overhead savings on to you.

We repair laser printers.  HP and Lexmark parts are the easiest to get, but we can also get parts for many other brands.

If you need toner or ink, we have several excellent vendors for both OEM and after-market and refilled items as well.  We have a very limited stock to support some of our clients, but we can usually get what you need in a day or two.


Serving East Tennessee

We do networking.  We prefer wired networks because they are secure and much more reliable.

We can also do wireless networks, but they must be secured with encryption because otherwise your personal data is exposed and an unknown person could use your Internet connection for an illegal purpose and get you in trouble.


We have even been known to machine small parts from time to time, usually to facilitate a repair.


We do VoIP.  Replace your land line with a Voice Over IP service which gives you many features plus free long distance calling.  AND at a much lower cost than you are paying now.  Check this out.  With CallCentric, normally you will need to sign up for two plans, one for making calls and one for receiving calls, but you can sign up for just one.  You will also need to purchase an Analog Telephone Adapter, but that's just a one-time charge.  The picture depicts two different setups.  One using an ATA, the other using an IP Telephone.

HP LJ Pro m1536dnf MFP

We develop software.  Preferably smaller projects, such as something to automate a common task.  We specialize in utilities. You can download some of the utilities we have written from here.

We create Websites, small ones like this, inexpensively.


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