CleanUp v.2.0

This is a Command Line utility that is intended to keep a directory cleaned of abandoned files.  Originally intended to be run on a schedule on the Temp directory, but could have wider applications.

Syntax:   Cleanup <path> [/DelOver:n] [/Empties] [/Hidden] [/Test]

Download executable


The path to the directory to be processed.


All switches are optional


Delete files over n full days old.


Delete empty files and directories.


Hidden files and directories will also be processed.


Displays files and directories that would be deleted.





Switches may be shortened to one character.  Example:
Cleanup %temp% /d:7 /e /h
Will delete everything in the temp folder that has not been created or opened in the last 7 days, including hidden files and folders, but not the folder itself.  Note: System files are never deleted.

Place the file in any suitable directory, for example:  C:\Program Files (X86)\CWShop\
and use the Task Scheduler (under Administrative Tools) to run it daily.